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OCRACOKE STILL SPEAKS - Reflections Past and Present
(audio CD & booklet, 47 tracks/58 pages w/photos)

The second collection of remembrances, reflections and songs from native O'Cockers by the NC Language and Life Project and the Ocracoke Preservation Society. The popularity and local celebration of the Ocracoke Speaks CD compilation inspired this follow-up and update of tales, conversation and music from this remote and special island. Comes with a handsomely bound, fifty-eight page booklet of text, transcripts and photos.

Compiled and produced by Jeffrey Reaser, Paula Dickerson Boddie, Walt Wolfram, DeAnna Locke, Chester Lynn, Phillip Howard. Mastered by Gary Mitchell. Booklet design by Sarah Blackmon.

Track List

1. Black Mountain Rag
2. Fish Three Times a Day
3. Goslings
4. When the Collards Grow
5. The Sound Froze Over
6. Life o a Fisherman
7. Two School Houses
8. Charlie Irvin
9. The Last Boat Afloat
10. Rabbit Hunting
11. The Pioneer Wrecks
12. Making Meal Wine
13. Raising a House
14. Haunted Piano
15. The Wrong Bait
16. North Carolina on My Mind
17. Fishing for a Living
18.Bo and Hope
19. Mommucked to Death
21. Blackouts
22. Lost in Translation
23. Fishing in Decline
24. Rebuilding
25. Getting to Ocracoke
26. Before I Met You
27. Losing Our Heritage
28. Losing Our Brogue
29. Where's the Lighthouse
30. Paying with Clams
31. Yodeling
32. High Tide1
33. High Tide2
34. Pound Nets
35. Snow on Ocracoke
36. Water Spouts
37. Flushing the Sound
38. Swimming Bear
39. Camping
40. More Special
41. A Part of Us
42. Stay-cations
43. A Dying Breed
44. In Your Blood
45. Preserve It
46. A Special Place
47. Governor Edward Hyde

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