Diverse Nation, Diverse Language

Everyone knows that the United States is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse countries in the world. What everybody doesn't know is that we are also linguistically diverse. The US reflects a wide variety of regional and sociocultural English dialects as well as an assortment of ancestral and immigrant languages.

Our goal at the Language and life project is to document our diversity of language and life style, both at home in North Carolina and across the world. We share the knowledge we find through books, classes, online media, and award-winning documentaries.

Dialect Heaven

North Carolina is one of the most linguistically diverse states in the United States. The rich history of language and culture is just one of the many things that makes the American South a beautiful place. But as time passes, many of unique American dialects and languages are evolving or disappearing.

  Our Mission:



To gather basic research information about language varieties in order to understand the nature of language variation and change



To document language varieties in North Carolina and beyond as they reflect varied cultural traditions



To use research material for the improvement of educational programs about language and culture



To use our research to engage with the American public about language diversity and difference